Unpaid Interns

Sometimes an Insight Check IS the right way to spend your action.

The Laser Cannon

The fight with the Bullet must have made a real impact on Wayland and Justina, because they stopped their apathetic ways and snapped back into good adventuring form.

As they were fighting some zombies “Are you Runners?!?!” Jastina became one with her bow and dispatched three with a single shot!

Wayland and Phylo played with Spiked Fire Growth and Reth and Faedell held their ground and the zombies, that definitely were not runners, were easily dispatched.

As they continued North, they climbed into the foothills and as night fell, they found a small valley were they played with the Phanatons…Phylo “Played” with the Phanatons MORE than anyone else.

In the morning Wayland saw some statues on the path, so the interns continued towards them.

As they approached these four statues that were positioned along a stone staircase to the lookout Plateau, Wayland saved Reth (or rather Reth’s panther) from stepping on a trap.

Clumsily disarming it, he discovered a Wondrous Box hidden in the step.

As they continued up the steps, the statues (Gargoyles actually) came to life and tried to bring death.

Reth tried to choke one out, but instead took a flying lesson that ended in a 60 foot fall into the arms of an awaiting gargoyle.

Justina and Faedell attacked with little success.

Wayland brought forth a Marid and a Water Elemental to fight the Gargoyles.

Phylo…well, Phylo used his time to inspect a device on the top of the tower in the middle of the plateau…it turned out to be a fricken’ Laser Cannon which he used to turn the Water Elemental into steam, and all four Gargoyles into molten rock!

Not known for his caution, Phylo continued to fire the cannon until it A) Cut a deep slice into the surrounding mountainside, B) Lit the Phanaton forest on fire, and C) Blew up in his face

Phylo walked away with barely a singed hair (DM’s dice SUCKED!)

What is next for our interns? Join us next time ONLINE!

PS. Mike needs a Mic


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