Unpaid Interns

Friend or Foe?

Kill 'em and ask after?

The adventures continued their adventure, trekking along the tree line heading East. With Wayland keeping his instrument safely stashed away, they made good progress.
When they made camp for the night, they were interrupted by some creatures which Phylo heard with his elven ears.
After a few minutes of debating on whether or not they should flambe the forest, Wayland, wearing his ring of invisibility (no relation to the one to rule them all) made first contact and returned to camp with his newly acquired feline friends.
The bipedal cat-like creatures talked to the party about the horrible Lizard-folk who like to take their kittens as midnight snacks and the Interns promptly asked to join them on their quest to kill [monster here].
As they were heading towards the Lizard-folk Lair/Camp, a group of Hobgoblins burst through the trees looking for meat.
Phylo started forcing thorns to grow and Reth dropped a few lightning strikes, while Yen, Armetha, Wayland, and Faedell added notches to their kill count.

Should be noted, that Faedell decided to heal a few folks…not out of kindness, but out of necessity.

Wayland started a support group “Friends Against Thorns”

Yen has Blade-singing…yet used amazing restraint and did not sing even once.

Everyone (except the Hobgoblins) survived and were escorted to their new friends’ camp…


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