Unpaid Interns

Everyone I Know Is Dead

total player kill

Our brave band of interns continued deeper inland as they head towards the central plateau, for some unknown reason. During the two and a half day trek through the deep woods, the workload seemed to fall squarely on only four members of the party. The other members remained apathetic to the events befalling them.

Ziggy became attuned to his magical items, and pointed out a flaw in their designs…the DM will deal with that soon enough.

Silentread continued her angry arrow barrage at anything that appeared even remotely savage.

Phylo all but abandoned his use of Thunderwave, what with the other interns not even casting a single spell.

And Reth…well he just lights everything up with his smile…and chain of lightning.

Although only four members seemed to contribute at all to this adventure, they did dispatch with some ghostly ghouls (nice AI logon on the beach, boys), and more bone-nosed natives (Frank claps posthumously) , but found their match when they, against all better judgement, fought four very large ape-like creatures in a foul smelling, humanoid bone laden, cave.

No one remained standing as they were all bludgeoned into sweet, sweet comas…

To Waylan, Toothless, and Rosco
If you ever wake up from your respective comas…please cast at least one spell next time.
Jim Joe


CodeWarrior CodeWarrior

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