Unpaid Interns

Azul culto de la ostra

Soft White Underbelly

After schmoozing with the Rakasta for a bit, the interns were introduced to a member of a small village that engage in all forms of Oyster Shell crafts. A villager told them about pirates that had captured some of their people while they were diving for oysters.
Reth, Phylo, and Faedell, along with a female Rakasta, decided to sneak over to the pirate’s lair during the middle of the night.
Reth, using his best Bar Maid’s outfit, twerked his way into the camp, distracting those land-lubbers while Faedell and Phylo caught everyone on fire.
When all was said and done, the Interns released the prisoners and returned to the village heroes.

After dancing in the ruins with the Cult of the Blue Oysters, the interns returned to the Rakasta village where they were challenged to a competition.

They won! And in doing so made pets of 10 panthers which accompanyied them as they left the Rakastas insearch of RB.

After trekking for a few days, thay found themselves face to face with a Bullet. And Reth did his impression of bubble gum. But the Bullet was finally dispatched.


CodeWarrior CodeWarrior

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