Unpaid Interns

The Story So Far

AI Unpaid Interns Unite

Drawn in by the fancy rap and promise of adventure, fame, fortune, and sex, our brave unpaid interns found themselves at the Acquisitions Inc UID (unpaid intern dorm). There they received a parchment letting them know they were chosen for an adventure. They discovered a magical message on the paper when it was held by Silentread…and invitation to have a sexy sexy party with none other than Jim Darkmagic.
Silentread, being the pissed off ranger she is, decided to go visit JD and give him a piece of her mind (if not a swift kick in the ass as well), but they were met by two large guards who wanted to keep the peace. Quickly charmed by the group, they left to investigate “sounds” whilst Waylan took their place guarding JDs love suite.
The rest of the group went into the bacon-smelling hallway only to find it trapped against males. They overcame that problem and Silentread kicked the dick of the door.
Inside they found not Jim Darkmagic, but some imposter trying to sully JD’s good name or at least cash in on it. The gang quickly took care of him, found some nice things under the bed, and left for the night.


CodeWarrior CodeWarrior

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