Unpaid Interns

Wake Me Up Before You OH MY GOD!!!

New Members

After the bashing by the giant apes, our intrepid interns took a long nap in the back of the cave, buried amongst the bodies (some dead) of past encounters the Apes have won. Upon waking up, Reth and Phylo discover a few new friendlies to electrify and blow shit up with.
Arkmetha, Faedell, and Yen worked together to devastate the remaining Apes dwelling in the caves.
They fought a HUGE battle, using thorns growing from the ground, lightning strikes, moonbeams, drow powers, and more, all while the majority of the Interns slept.
When the massive ordeal was over, they searched the cave system, finding a few magic items and other trinkets to carry with them.

Then they slept…in the Ape cave…because they could.


CodeWarrior CodeWarrior

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