Unpaid Interns

Panthers Can't Fly

The interns continued north towards the giant lizards where they avoided being eaten by anything. They followed a path to the west where they had a choice, continue west or go north.

They went west and had a grand fight with pteranadons high above a river, Wayland gave explicit instructions to the panthers…jump high and try to grab these over-sized birds from the air…turns out panthers can’t fly and several of them plummeted to their death.

They continued on and met a druid who’s hut was lightly secured to the side of a mountain peak, there they had some food and Phylo learned how to call forth lightning.

They then proceeded back East, and then North.

They traveled up a switch-back road for several hours until they came to a guard house with guards that wanted the party dead after Wayland’s terrible attempt at lying.

The guards quickly killed Faedell and the last remaining panthers until Wayland called forth an iron golem to block the way as Phylo lit up the ground.

The party was able to drop down to the road below and find a carved out turn-off in which to hide.


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