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Shut Up, Westley!

Dominance and Submission

Silentread sent her mastiff into the tunnel and the bitch reported that there appears to be a sealed door at the end of the tunnel.

There was much hymning and hawing over how to open the door at the end of the tunnel.
Eventually, Phylo decided he would be clever and deal with the door.

So, he entered the tunnel and, turning into a phanaton, could not pull hard enough on the door to open it. The party decided to use one of the many grappling hooks Reth carries along with way too much rope.

It didn’t work, phanatons are not the best at securing spikey metal things, apparently.

But finally, after a few hours of breathing poison gas, Silentread manned up, and pulled the door open revealing…a hallway.

The party went into the hallway and made their way East until they met Dasa Zotz, a super sexy neried with her pet Giant Lightening Eel named Chac. The party quickly made friends with Dasa by barely defeating a myriad of poisonous snakes that threatened her grotto. Dasa took a liking to Waylan and gave him a present as they left, a potion of clairvoyance and gloves of missile snaring. And she spoke of her friend “Westley” who lives to the…wait for it…West.

The party headed West, where Silentread found a charming coin at the bottom of a water filled room, after Reth and Waylan drained it. They then found “Westley”, a slug named Tecuziztectl, who apparently is the “Lord of Snails”. Westley tried to get the party to walk into his flooded room (very acidic water) and was much surprised when the party all were able to walk upon the water’s surface without getting damaged or drowning. Reth asserted his dominance over the Lord of Snails and took his pendant for his own. Westley, much humbled by the power of Reth, begged the party to leave him alone.

So the group headed back South, then East and talked to The Guardian and Kalka-Kylla again (they really are good friends now it appears), they talked about where men do things in the Temple and where Zotzilaha might be, as well as Dasa Zotz. Finally, the group, much to The Guardians pleasure, decided to move onward and Eastward.

To the East they found a rubble-filled stairwell blocking their further exploration North, but they also found a secret room, cordoned off behind a large square stone. Inside Faedell found another charming coin and Phylo, after breaking some urns, found a Priapt of Health.

Waylan spent most of the adventure playing a lovely anti-charming tune, and made a fantastic end to the day by producing an extra-planar sleeping quarters free of poison gas.

Join us next time when Waylan asks yet another question about Vampires (apparently just to show the creatures how knowledgeable his is already about them), Faedell heals everyone and gets yelled at for healing too much so he stops healing so much and gets yelled at for not healing enough, Silentread restrings her bow (uses different dice), Reth rides around on his panther, and Phylo goes blend from herpes (Priapt of Health does not protect against STDs)

NEXT GAME: September 20th @ 6:00pm


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