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Epic Grand Finale

Made Impotent By Wayland

Ok, so maybe the Wonderous Box was not such a GREAT tool, but honestly, when the party was consisting of 2 to 3 characters, SOMETHING was needed to keep you guys actually in control of the game and not have me rescue you with some Deus Ex Machina EVERY time…but Damn’t, Thomas…A PLANETAR?!?!

Ok, so the gang found a secret passage up to the top of the volcano, where an Arch-mage was attempting to become an Arch-lich by killing Highfalls populace and Jim Joe too. Seemed pretty tough of a fight what with the 30 monsters (skeletons, demons, displacer beast, and basalisk) I was looking forward to the party fighting to the last breath only to have the arch-mage slip away at the moment of victory…

Wayland pulled a Planatar from his Wounderous Box (which the fasting-thinking DM quickly made break due to pulling a Lawful Good creature from it) and turned this epic climax into a premature ejaculatory pile of shit.

Live and Learn, I guess.

Anyhow, they managed to rescue some of the captured townsfolk, revive Jim Joe, and made their way back to Highfalls, became town heroes and legends of renown, and set a precedence for their future with Acquisitions Inc .


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