Unpaid Interns

Catastrophe, Inc.

Who needs a camel when you have a panther?

The adventurers returned to the main AI campus with word of their deeds preceding them. They were given a choice: Full Franchise or Pay the Bill. They chose, after a long debate, Full Franchise (much to the DM’s delight). They signed the contract, paid the fee and then moved to Baldur’s Gate and into their new office there.

Then they went shopping, Reth wanted a Warhorse, but was dismayed at the prices, so he happily purchased a Camel. Probably the best looking, strongest, and most sought after camel in all of Faerun…seriously from champion stock.

A package arrive for “Wayland the Angel Wielder” and inside they found an old book, a note, and Faedell’s Mace of Terror.

The note was from the mayor of Highfalls thanking them for all their work and giving them a book that his father owned, a travel guide to Ancient Tamoachan by R.B.

The party, now known as Catastrophe, Inc., embarked on the journey to the deepest jungles of Chult in search of the hidden temple. They eventually found it and were engulfed by a collapse.

Finding themselves trapped in a room, filled with noxious gas, and dioramas depicting various scenes of ancient Tamoachan life, they fumbled about with what to do. Finally, Phylo, fed up with nothing happening, knocked a bunch of commoner figures on the ground, where they immediately grew to real size and attacked.
Reth kept his head, and convinced the commoners (since he read the Olman to Common, Common to Olman dictionary at the back of the old book) that he was their friend. The commoners said they would help the party get to the temple.

Reth also found a panther statue, it turned out to be Silentread2, so he immediately murdered his camel, so happy to be reuinited.

Silentread broke a bunch of tiny spears taken from the warrior figures, the group fought frogs, took poison damage from the air, got healed by Faedell, and then Phylo cast moonbeam in the room, and Reth gathered all the figures (except the magic users) into his blanket, stepped out of the room and…
“Fluffed” them into the moonbeam where they immediately grew to full size and died from the damage of the moonbeam…XP was distributed.

Next Phylo got crushed by a poorly shimmed pressure plate’s trap, Reth held it open as Silentread’s big breasts brushed clumsily past and Faedell and Wayland passed with flourish.

In the next room, they met a Giant Crayfish, THE GUARDIAN, and Kulka-Kylla (a giant hermit crab). THE GUARDIAN warned Catastrophe, Inc. to “LEAVE OR BE KILLED!” Catastrophe, Inc. stayed and made friends with Kulka-Kylla, offering him a giant Blue Oyster taken from the Isle of Dread. THE GUARDIAN, now the guardian, was not happy that the party ignored his threats, nor that his master LIKES these meatbags…maybe he can kill them later.
The group asked Kulka-Kylla what the layout was, Kulka-Kylla told them stuff, the group decided to go West.

Reth found a silver triangle (think silver 4-sided die) and Faedell tasted some lime from the wall (and took 2 or 3 points of damage before washing it off)

They then proceeded West and North and found a statue, which Reth immediately climbed and it toppled over on him (the panther was rightly concerned) revealing behind it a secret passageway (think tight air-duct) into which the Reth immediately climbed.

Will Reth survive the electrical shocks running through his body?
Will Silentread continue to break tiny stuff?
Will Faedell lick more acid (trippy, man!)?
Will Phylo continue to carry the group with Thunderwave?
Will Wayland wake the hell up and do something?

Join us next week to find out


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